Calf Feeding Solutions Specialists in calf feeding solutions. Serving dairy farmers globally.
Milk'n'Roll optimizes the growth and development of young animals
Calf Welfare Healthy calves are critical to the lifetime profitability of your herd.
Milk'n'Roll provides innovative Calf Rearing Solutions to make your work easier
promote calf health and save costs
For Your Future A successful calf rearing program is essential for a profitable dairy farming operation.
Milk'n'Roll supports you to reach the goal with its innovative calf management solutions
About Us

Your solution partner in Calf Management for your Future

Milk’n’Roll focuses on innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy calf rearing in your farms.

Milk’n’Roll family values your priceless time and effort, we care about your comfort and profit.

Milk’n’Roll is designer and producer of outstanding calf rearing solutions for you, by utilizing its long-term experience  in dairy farming industry on R&D and innovation.


Milk'n'Roll Mobile

Milk’n’Roll Mobile, is a reliable, sustainable and comfortable calf feeding trolley solution for feeding your calves in igloos and individual hutches.

All In One Machine

Raising healthy calves in farms is challenging.

Certainly, Milk’n’Roll Mobile is your assistant in this crucial and compelling task for sake of prompt and accurate calf feeding processes.

Milk’n’Roll Mobile provides a whole array of labor, time saving and error-reducing features.

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Milk'n'Roll One

Best Price-Performance Ratio in Calf Milk Trolley

The proper preparation of Calf Milk and Calf Milk Replacer is crucial for development of your calves.

Milk’n’Roll One preserves your milk quality with its exclusive heating technology during Calf Milk preparation. On the other hand, it offers you precise dosage options during Calf Milk Feeding process.

Milk’n’Roll One offers high performance with its durable, practical , safe and user-friendly structure.

Milk’n’Roll One, is the the economical Calf Milk Trolley with the best price-performance ratio.

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