Calf Milk Trolley – Milk’n’Roll One

Milk’n’Roll One Calf Milk Trolley prepares not only Calf Milk but also Calf Milk Replacer. Furthermore, you can transport milk on your farm and feed your calves in an efficient and proper way. Milk’n’Roll One, is the perfect solution for feeding your calves in igloos and individual calf hutches.

Milk’n’Roll One, saves your time and labor-costs. At the same time, it controls your calf feeding processes with innovative technologies. Calf Milk Trolley fulfills your requirements with 160 and 220 liter options.

AllInOne Calf Milk Cart

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Best Price-Performance Ratio in Calf Milk Trolley Solutions

The preparation of calf milk is vital for proper calf feeding. Milk’n’Roll One preserves milk quality with its exclusive heating technology. During Calf Feeding it offers you precise dosage options for your calf groups. Calf Milk Trolley promises high performance with its robust, practical, safe and user-friendly design. Milk’n’Roll One is the economical calf feeding solution with the best price-performance ratio.

Milk’n’Roll One is made of high-quality stainless-steel material. Therefore, all components are easy to clean, durable and long-lasting. Calf Milk Trolley parts are designed for harsh environments. It offers you easy maintenance and trouble-free operation.


Efficient & Trouble-free Heating System

Calf Milk Trolley Heating System

Milk’n’Roll One is equipped with heating technology spread equally to the bottom of the tank. Unlike immersion heaters, this technology prevents the hotspots where milk can burn and stick to the tank. This ensures the milk is heated quickly and the quality is maintained.

Calf Milk Trolley informs you  about the actual temperature of the milk during heating on the control panel. You have time for other tasks in the farm during the heating process, Milk’n’Roll One keeps the milk at the desired temperature till you attend.

Excellent CMR Mix

Calf Milk Taxi Agitator

Milk’n’Roll One agitator system, operates automatically during milk heating, CMR preparation and cleaning. You may adjust stirring speed according to milk heating and powdered milk preparation. In other words, you may mix the milk gently on the other hand for Calf Milk Replacer in high-speed mode for sake of lump-free CMR mix.

The last adjusted agitator speed will be saved in memory. Moreover, Calf Milk Trolley will use the last saved speed for the next calf milk preparation.

Since the agitator motor is positioned on the top of the tank, sealing is not a problem.


Precise Feeding with Calf Milk Trolley

Milk Taxi Precise Calf Milk Dosage

With programmable dosing assignments, Calf Milk Taxi stores 9 dosage levels you need. Thus, you have more precision and flexibility in dispensing process. The milk flow stops automatically after the programmed quantity has been dosed.

From the control panel, you can set the specific dosage levels for each different calf groups in your farm. During dispensing, the quick switch buttons allow you easier shifting among dosing levels.

Ergonomic Dispensing Handle

Milk Taxi Dispensing Handle

The operator is always in charge with dispensing handle during Calf Feeding. That is why dispensing handle plays a crucial role for user-comfort. Milk’n’Roll Dispensing Handle ensures optimum usability with ergonomic design during Calf Feeding.

With the trigger button integrated on the dispensing handle, you can easily feed calves even they are away from Calf Milk Taxi. So, you don’t lose your flexibility in placing your calf hutches.

Special designed check valve on the dispensing handle will prevent milk drops after each calf milk feeding. In this way,  a more hygienic environment is utilized and Milk’n’Roll One supports you to reach the targeted hygiene level in your dairy farm.


Safe & Comfortable Driving

MilkTaxi Large Front Tires

Milk’n’Roll One Calf Feeding Trolley with its 3 wheel chassis gives 360o freedom of movement without any difficulty in your dairy farm.

Thanks to its compact design, a single user can handle the trolley and pass through narrow areas easily. Calf Milk Trolley with large front tires can deal with snow, gravel and steps straightforwardly. So you can reach your calves at every point during calf feeding effortlessly.

Addition to all, mechanical parking brake puts Calf Milk Trolley in safe parking position even on sloped areas.

High-Grade Material & Durable Design

High Quality Calf Milk Taxi

High-grade materials are used in Milk’n’Roll One Calf Milk Trolley for sake of robustness and long-lasting. Calf Feeding Trolley components are designed and developed to withstand tough environmental conditions. High-quality stainless-steel surfaces are easy to clean and durable.

Calf Feeding Trolley on a well-built 3-wheel chassis with low center of gravity is extremely stable and solid.

The combination of high ground clearance and large front wheels ensures safe driving even on rough terrains as well.


Economic Calf Milk Pasteurization

The best way to feed your calves with milk is through pasteurized calf milk. Milk’n’Roll One lets you to pasteurize milk in an economical way. In pasteurization process, 99.5% of harmful pathogens are killed at 65 °C within 30 minutes.

Economical Calf Milk Pasteurization

Calf Milk Pasteurizer has a powerful heater and efficient cooling system. The agitator stirs the milk gently during Calf Milk Pasteurization. This ensures  continuous and complete circulation of milk in the tank. Stirring Calf Milk softly prevents the milk from foaming as well, which may be the reason for improper calf milk pasteurization.

At the end of the calf milk pasteurization process, Milk’n’Roll One cools the calf milk to the desired dispensing temperature, furthermore the temperature is preserved till you attend.


Optimum Calf Milk Trolley Cleaning

Cleaning of Milk’n’Roll One Calf Feeding Trolley is accomplished by circulating minimum level of cleaning water in shortest time. In this way, all surfaces touching milk including pump and hoses will be cleaned from milk residues.

Please be informed, complementary cleaning with a brush improves results and reduces the cleaning time.


Milk’n’Roll One Calf Milk Trolley Technical Specifications


Milk Taxi Dimensions


Milk’n’Roll One 160 Milk’n’Roll One 220
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 100 x 121 cm 120 x 100 x 129 cm
Usable Tank Capacity 160 liter 220 liter
Reserved Tank Capacity 20 liter approximately
Heating System 3 kW, 4,5 kW or 6 kW
Agitator 370 W /  VAC
Dispensing Pump 25 liter / minute approximately
Batteries 12 V / 20 Ah
Power Supply 230 V or 400 V