Individual Calf Hutch

Milk’n’Roll individual calf hutch for a successful start in life

Profitable and sustainable farming; It means being precise and showing maximum attention in calf rearing. Especially female calves are the assets ​​building up the future of your business. Preferred calf housing is supposed to provide the optimum environment conditions required by the calf.

Isolating young calves from birth to 6 – 8 weeks of age can help to prevent cross-contamination. Individual calf hutches must meet a certain specification to optimize their growth, health and well-being. Each calf hutch is a microenvironment within the overall facility, so each pen needs to meet calf comfort standards.


Individual calf hutch

Calf hutches made from easy-cleanable and smooth material not only provide the desired comfort for calves and human but also reduce the pathogen load in the calf environment. On the other hand, you can monitor the feeding behavior of calves closely. Furthermore calf health management becomes much more easier.

Individual calf hutch has two parts: a closed area and an open area surrounded by the fence. Thus the calf has the proper environmental conditions.

The calf hutch has room and holders complementary equipment such as buckets, feeding bottles required for calf feeding.

It is easy to transport individual calf hutch due to it’s light structure composing of polyethylene or fiberglass material. The calf pen is simple to install and only a single person can move it to the desired location within the facility. At the same time, it’s compact design speeds up the cleaning and disinfection of the hutch.


Air circulation in calf hutch

Comfortable Microclimate – Both in Summer and Winter

From the start, calves should be kept draught free. Therefore Milk’nRoll individual calf hutches are provided with draught-free ventilation.

  • High insulation and UV protection due to high-quality materials
  • Increasing roof slope with ventilation openings ensure optimum air circulation so that humid air escape at the top
  • Pure white surfaces prevent overheating of the interior space



Moving Calf HutchMilk’n’Roll Individual Calf Hutch Advantages

  • Easy to clean
  • Practical transport
  • Painless to install
  • Calf and human friendly design
  • High stability
  • Natural ventilation
  • Affordable


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