Calf Jacket

Calf blanketIn general Calf jacket keeps the calf warm. It prevents the calf from cold-stress.

You can generally use the calf coat for the first 3 – 4 weeks. If necessary, it can be used for a longer period. Calf jacket support immune system during the first few days and prevent diarrhea problems other illnesses.

The first 4 weeks of a calf after birth is very crucial for immune system to be built up. Maintaining calf body temperature aids the development of immune system. Care of newborns, premature and sick calves in cold climatic conditions requires special attention.

It is not possible for new-born calves to maintain their body temperature in cold regions or in winter. For example, the energy requirement of a calf at 0 °C is 55% higher. The body weight gain slows down as a consequence of trying to meet the warming requirement through fat burning .

Also, if the required energy can not be met, the calf immune system tends to collapse. The development of diseases accelerates due to cold-stress, especially in calves showing chilling behavior. If the calf is sick and receiving treatment, its recovery will be delayed.

On the other hand, a calf maintains its performance with a calf jacket in improper climatic conditions.


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Calf Jacket Benefits

Calf jacketIt prevents cold-stress especially for newborn calves.

It reduces the risk of calf getting sick at temperatures below +10 ° C.

Calf coat supports animal welfare where climatic conditions and calf body temperature are outside the thermo-neutral comfort zone.

Calf Blanket covers the large body of the calf therefore it minimizes the heat-loss. It protects the calf from adverse weather conditions and keeps the calf dry.

You can fix the Milk’n’Roll calf coat at the chest and waist to prevent the jacket from slipping over the calf. In addition, the body of the calf is surrounded by the blanket with the help of the adjustable belt. The special breathable fabric prevents excessive sweating.

Calf blankets are not suitable for group housing



Milk’n’Roll Calf Coat Features

  • machine washable at 30 °C
  • outer materials made from tear-resistant 600 denier polyester
  • extremely water-resistant up to a 3000 mm water column
  • with anatomical chest and belly fastener
  • avoidance of cold stress in new-born calves
  • breathable properties prevent excessive sweating
  • easy to put on and take off
  • fastening mechanism