Calf Feeding

Feeding calves is a special topic in calf breeding. As a matter of fact, the future of farm which is calves require special attention during their first life phase. For this purpose, feeding calves with high quality and proper amount milk is the vital principle for an effective calf feeding program.

Calf Milk goes through two critical stages, heating and distributing until it is consumed by the calf. In the heating process, the milk should not be exposed to hotspots and should be prepared at drinking temperature. Milk’n’Roll advanced heating system prevents the hotspots where milk can burn and stick to the tank. This ensures the milk is heated up quickly and the quality is maintained.

In the Feeding process, the prepared milk should be distributed in a short time and the heat loss should be minimized. That is why a single user can easily move Milk’n’Roll Calf Feeding Trolleys to reach the calves as soon as possible. In addition, with a fast and practical dosing system you are free to feed your calf groups with 9 different dosage levels. Overall Milk’n’Roll saves your time and workload.

After all, Innovative design of Milk’n’Roll cleaning system removes the milk residues in the dispensing pump and hoses completely. Therefore, hygiene is ensured for the next Calf Feeding session.