Calf Housing

Calf Housing Design

Calf housing concept must be as comfortable and  practical as possible for your calves and yourselves.

A proper barn concept is the basis for housing in various age groups. Both the barn itself  and the size of the groups of animals, depends on:

  • Herd size
  • Future plans
  • Work force
  • Legal requirements


Calf boxes and Igloos from Milk’n’Roll are durable and flexible providing the ideal conditions for both individual and group housing during the whole year.

During colostrum phase, a Farm must utilize enough individual housing for new-born calves. In addition, up to four months group hutches and igloos may be utilized. As a result single calf boxes for approximately 15% of the number of milking cows on the other hand group hutches for 15% of the number of cows.

In general, the calves must be separated from the older animals for the first 6 months and you should assign calves to small and fixed groups of the same age.