Group Calf Hutch (Igloo)

Calf Igloo

As farmers discovering the benefits of group housing for calves and themselves, certainly group calf hutch is getting more popular.

Not to mention, the first days of a calf are very vital for them to be a healthy and productive adult. Therefore on many farms calves are individually penned for the first few days after birth to ensure that they receive adequate colostrum and attention. After that, from seven days of age they are group penned.

Milk’n’Roll offers affordable, durable group calf hutch solutions to house your calves with optimum climatic environment, good air circulation and daylight.

Group housing of calves soon after birth

  • can increase weight gains and intake of solid feed
  • aids the behavioral and social development of calves
  • increase their learning ability
  • allows them to adapt better to new environments


Milk’n’Roll Group Calf Hutch Advantages

  • easy to clean smooth surfaces
  • feeding places can be individually blocked
  • hutch and fencing easy to transport with a tractor
  • high stability for even large calves
  • reducing operation expenses


Calf group pennedIn general, group calf boxes are arranged to meet the behavioral and physiological needs of calves. As a result Milk’n’Roll team plans the calf housing system specific to your needs considering your herd size and climate conditions.

The hutches are located in the most appropriate way, taking into account the ventilation requirements according to the daylight and season.

As a rule of thumb, the space required for calves in group hutches varies according to their weight. To be more specific, calves housed in small groups or larger groups require 1.8 m² of pen area and a total floor space of 2.3 to 2.5 m²/calf  floor area including the feed passage.  You must observe local animal protection regulations.

Space requirement for calf




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XL Calf Igloo

The group Calf Hutch made from glass fiber reinforced plastic offers space for up to 5 calves (local animal protection regulations must be observed).

Group Calf Hutch

A sliding window at the back makes the animal control and filling the optional hay, among other things, easier. Furthermore, the additional reinforcing frame around the Calf House ensures the highest stability. The Calf House with fence provides optimum oversight and makes animal control easier.

Last but not least, eyebolts at the hutch roof enables easy transportation. You can integrate the bucket and long feeding trough to the hutch.



XXL Calf Igloo

The large-area Calf Hutch made from glass fiber reinforced plastic offers space for up to 7 calves (local animal protection regulations must be observed).

Group Calf Pen

The additional complete frame around the Calf Hutch ensures the highest stability for even large animals. In addition, the swiveling ventilation slots control the air circulation in the Calf House.

You can attach the catch grille to the fence. Moreover, 7 feeding places combined with an individual and complete locking mechanism enables you to lock your calves.

Last but not least, you can lift and transport the house with the help of carrying handle easily.