Calf Box

Certainly efficient calf rearing is one of the main factors for the success of a farm and starts from the birth of the calf. Similarly penning of a calf has been proven to be a successful starting point for a healthy and well-performing cow.

Indoor Calf Pen Side by Side

The raised calf box ensures the calf gets plenty of fresh air without being exposed to any draughts. The calf does not lie directly on the floor in the calf pen, but rather on the raised grille. This keeps the calf warmer and dryer. Furthermore the calf is also protected from harmful pathogenic bacteria.

You can prefer to equip your elevated calf pen with rubber mat as an option. The rubber mat is exclusive for calves. That is calf-friendly, slip-resistance and for smallest calves up to max. 60 kg.


Indoor Calf Box

Calf barn concept is eligible for machinery utilization with its sheltered structure and also enables a welfare environment for calves.

The building structure offers a controlled calf raising system and a professional management advantage especially for large enterprises. This type of calf house buildings are suitable for a programmed disinfection and systematic barn cleaning.

You can place individual calf boxes in the calf house building in an order on beside that we can design the layout specially for your requirements.

Arranging the calf pens regularly, the calves can see each other. This is an important advantage that reduces the stress of the calf in transition to the herd and eases its adaptation process.



Contact us for different calf house building layout options


Raised Slatted Flooring 

Calf pen raised slatted floorA good calf box solution is supposed to provide

  • dry floor
  • easy to clean
  • proper ventilation
  • hygienic environment
  • easy access to feed and water
  • adequate space to move

as a result calves show progressive development and good performance.

It is a good practice to raise calf pen slatted floor for sake of keeping the floor therefore calf dryer. Removal of waste and easy cleaning will be facilitated. Therefore, the bacterial load on the calf box is minimized. To sum up, disinfection works best if all dirt and manure is removed.


Moreover, the raised slatted flooring allows for manure flush systems therefore leverages cost-saving and calf comfort.


Flexibility in Calf Facility Design Around Your Needs

Firstly, calf house buildings planned with Milk’n’Roll comprehensive approach offer a calf management eco-system.

As a result the system provides the correct environment for calf health, welfare and growth. In addition the farmer/stockman accomplishes the daily tasks efficiently and properly in dependent from your herd size,Calf House

  • Better airflow
  • Easy to clean
  • Easier access for mechanized cleaning
  • Healthier calves
  • Flexible design
  • Close monitoring of individual calf
  • Stable, hot-dip galvanized frame
  • Bucket mounting brackets are ready
  • Extra-large wheels
  • Roof optionally available