Feeding Bucket

Feeding bucketMainly, the milk bucket feeder is a good choice to reduce operation costs. On the other hand, the bucket is supposed to be easy to clean.

That is why, a food-proof and easy-to-clean milk bucket plays significant role in keeping your calves healthy while offering user comfort.

Depending on your calf pen types, you may choose your feeding bucket from single bucket feeder to multi calf feeders with various options.


Milk’n’Roll Feeding Bucket:

  • complete with teat and valve
  • with measuring scale inside
  • with metal handle
  • acid-proof
  • food-proof
  • easy to clean
  • 7  liter


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multi calf feeder


Calf Teat

Calf teatIn fact, the calf teat is the essential part in calf feeding. Moreover it helps the calf to develop it’s sucking behavior.

So that, feeding bucket with the proper calf teat is your assistant in calf feeding.


The design of calf teats gives to the newborn calf a good drinking behavior and also for the following weeks lets the calf to drink the milk in a natural way.

Correct teat type according to calf age will yield a high performance feeding.

A high-quality calf teat has a positive effect on the calf’s’ feeding and milk consumption. As a matter of fact, the development of a calf with high milk consumption is much faster therefore a healthier calf. The material quality and hardness level of the teat have an effect on the drinking behavior of the calf.

The feeding of the calf becomes insufficient and the operating costs increase with a calf teat that loses its properties quickly.

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Calf Teat Features:

  • Material: rubber / latex
  • Color: yellow / red / white / beige / honey
  • Length (mm): 100 / 125
  • x-pierced


Milk Bottle

Milk bottle for calfThe milk bottle is a useful and practical tool especially for feeding of newborn calves. That is why, farmers use milk bottles for colostrum drinking for newborn calves.

The teat structure of the milk bottle accelerates the calf’s drinking behavior. Furthermore stockman is able to carry the milk bottle and feed the calf comfortably.

As the calf getting used to drinking milk, you can fix the milk bottle on the calf hutch directly. So that the calf can drink on her own.

Using milk bottles for small herds is more economic. Last but not least Milk Bottle with larger bottle neck ease the milk filling process.

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Milk Bottle Features:

  • Acid-proof
  • 2,5 / 4 liter
  • Wide basis for maximum stability
  • Bottle neck with large diameter