Tipping Wheelbarrow

The multipurpose tipping wheelbarrow is designed for many transportation tasks in your farm. That is to say, the 175 and 250 liter tipping wheelbarrows are ideally sized for all types of transportation, including calf straw.


Wheelbarrow for dairy farms



Tipping Wheel barrowThe Milk’n’Roll wheelbarrow is positioned on a galvanized chassis with balanced center of gravity and is extremely stable and robust.


Furthermore the combination of high ground clearance and heavy-duty type pneumatic bearing wheels ensures safe and easy driving even on rough terrains.


Thanks to its free flow movement, even though with maximum load, the wheelbarrow handle all types of transportation task in the farm.


In addition to transporting calf straw, you can carry roughage, hay  and other feeding components with the multipurpose tipping wheelbarrow easily. Moreover you can efficiently clean out straw from sheds and stables with the large capacity tipping wheelbarrow.


It is surprisingly lightweight in use even with heavy loads. You can unload bulky loads with the tipping mechanism easily. 


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Tipping Wheelbarrow Features 

  • Durable and flexible polyethylene body mounted on a galvanized metal frame
  • Strong hinges and ports make it easy to unload the heavy loads
  • Polyethylene body and galvanized metal chassis are long lasting
  • Equipped with 2 rubber grips
  • The loading and unloading of the material is practical thanks to its tipping body 
  • Large volume body is ideal for cleaning out calf straw